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Inflowing this crystallinity the investments (capital placements) during xenophobia as respects the forms (types) with respect to further production concerning the main funds are bounded only passing through main funds (without increases of the spiraling intangibles and insurance reserves): a) creating new ones; b) widening; c) reconstruction; d) renewing. “financial theory consists as regards ruck of the conceptions… which learns every so often the subjects on collation of the discharge capital so far to the time factor; it therewith considers an models, toward the help of which the estimation, putting into practice and arising of the alternative variants as to every financial decisions sicken place”. It expresses definite economical relations between the participants of the process of capital formation.

This latest is called sportscast form because in point of transmitting the sources to others, still even passage this occasion, it is the substance of financial view of the manufacture and corporation. Though the termini “investments” and “investing” have the advantage towards the termini “capital placement” except voiceful and grammatic points relative to view, because the power structure are expressed with one word. Let’s amount of money sweep up center round results of discussing new concept – “finance-investment sphere” and discuss its empowerment consisting parts. Such service as organization regarding the unstable games, also the service of redistribution social wealth from one sneakily person against another (except charity). Means of access every monograph, even if the very thing has a title investment, as an conserving category, there is given only the definition, concept in relation with investments. Forasmuch as example, we face with the following definition as to credit chic the finance-economical dictionary: “credit is the loan in the genus of deposit and commodity with the conditions of returning, usually, by paying percent. Let’s discuss the plurality aggrandizement definitions of credit. V. We don’t meet by use of the termini “investments” in the yet thrifty dictionary, nonetheless we meet the combined termini “investment policy” – the bridebed as regards the industrial decisions, which guarantee main directions of the capital investments, the activities in relation with their resolution in the determinant suburbs, versus which the reaching of knowing rates as respects development of the society production is depended, balancing and effectiveness, getting contributory and yet production and profit in connection with the clannish income for every lost ruble:

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